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Welcome back to Mythic Eras. Yes, we've been offline for a while, moving across continents and servers, re-linking documents and generally having an interesting time of things. Now we're back, though, and you're welcome to browse our files, peruse the archives and maybe stop by the shops and buy a souvenier or two.
Don't mind the mess as things get moved around, we're still finding our feet in this new home.
Useful Information...

  • About Mythic Eras
    Mythic Eras is a fan site which supports the Ubiquity Roleplaying System™ used in the Hollow Earth Expedition, Desolation and All for One: Régime Diabolique
    RPGs. You can find everything from setting hacks to adventures to GM tools.
  • About the Ubiquity system
    The Ubiquity System powers such wonderful games as Hollow Earth Expeditions, All for One, Regime Diabolique, Desolation, the up-coming Space: 1889 and (hopefully) more games in the future. It uses a dice pool mechanic (and it's own rather natty custom d8) and a story-enhancing "take the average" approach to speed things along. Archetypes, plot points and more help keep the adventure rolling. Did I mention the dinosaurs and Nazis? Never mind, sure they'll make themselves known.
  • About time for a cup of tea
    Milk, no sugar, thanks!